How it works :

Any package can be installed by using shinken install

Add your package to this index by using shinken publish


Forward alerts to Alerta

shinken install alerta

Shinken to Alerta

Forward Shinken events to Alerta for a consolidated view and improved visualisation.

Transform this ...


Into this ...



To install Shinken follow the official online documentation.

Then use the shinken CLI to install the published module:

$ shinken install alerta


Add alerta to the list of broker modules to use
in /etc/shinken/brokers/broker-master.cfg:

define broker {
broker_name broker-master
address localhost
port 7772
spare 0

## Optional
manage_arbiters     1   ; Take data from Arbiter. There should be only one
                        ; broker for the arbiter.
manage_sub_realms   1   ; Does it take jobs from schedulers of sub-Realms?
timeout             3   ; Ping timeout
data_timeout        120 ; Data send timeout
max_check_attempts  3   ; If ping fails N or more, then the node is dead
check_interval      60  ; Ping node every N seconds

## Modules
# Default: None
# Interesting modules that can be used:
# - simple-log              = just all logs into one file
# - livestatus              = livestatus listener
# - tondodb-mysql           = NDO DB support (deprecated)
# - npcdmod                 = Use the PNP addon
# - graphite                = Use a Graphite time series DB for perfdata
# - webui                   = Shinken Web interface
# - glpidb                  = Save data in GLPI MySQL database
# Comma separated list of modules
modules webui2,alerta

# Enable https or not
use_ssl           0
# enable certificate/hostname check, will avoid man in the middle attacks
hard_ssl_name_check   0

## Advanced
realm   All


Modify the defaults by updating /etc/shinken/modules/alerta.cfg:


Module: Alerta

Loaded by: Broker

Send all logs to Alerta

define module {
module_name alerta
module_type http







Copyright (c) 2018 Nick Satterly. Available under the MIT License.