How it works :

Any package can be installed by using shinken install

Add your package to this index by using shinken publish


CoreOS checks based on SSH without any script on distant server. This depend on pack linux-ssh

shinken install coreos-ssh


Configuration pack for CoreOS hosts based on SSH checks

Based on and

For Authorized_keys, you have to edit the /etc/shinken/resource.d/ssh.cfg file if need:

$SSH_KEY$=~/.ssh/id_rsa $SSH_KEY_PASSPHRASE$='' $SSH_USER$=shinken $SSH_PORT$=22$


  • The check-linux-ssh scripts should be at least in version 086e5bbc7e5435a4980c60532c9fb4fc57ebe40f (git commit, PR 53) in order to be allow to use the '-e' option on the check_ro_filesystem_by_ssh check.

  • Your ssh shinken user should be member of the docker group