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Uses Glpi helpdesk in the Shinken WebUI (version 2.0).

shinken install glpi-helpdesk

========================================= Shinken GLPI integration - Glpi-helpdesk =========================================

Shinken module for using Glpi helpdesk in the WebUI.

For people not familiar with GLPI, it is an Open-Source CMDB. Applicable to servers, routers, printers or anything you want for that matter. It is also a help-desk tool. GLPI also integrates with tools like FusionInventory for IT inventory management.

This version works with the Webservices plugin for GLPI from version 0.84, but it needs a specific enriched version of this plugin. This version is available here:

When this module is installed and configured properly, the Shinken WebUI adds a tab in the element view that allows to:

  • list the Glpi tickets associated with a monitored host

  • create a ticket for the current host


  • Compatible version of GLPI Shinken module and GLPI version

    The current version needs: - plugin WebServices for GLPI

    See to get the last version of the plugin. This version has been modified to make it more consistent than the official one.

Enabling glpi-helpdesk Shinken module

To use the glpi-helpdesk module you must declare it in your WebUI configuration.


define module { ...

  modules        ..., glpi-helpdesk

} ```

The module configuration is defined in the file: glpi-helpdesk.cfg.

Default configuration needs to be tuned up to your Glpi configuration.

At first, you need to activate and configure the GLPI WebServices to allow connection from your Shinken server. Then you set the WS URI (uri) and the login information (login_name / login_password) parameters in the configuration file.

Default configuration file is as is : ``` ## Module: glpi-helpdesk ## Loaded by: WebUI

# GLPI needs Webservices plugin to be installed and enabled. define module { module_name glpi-helpdesk module_type glpi-helpdesk

   # Glpi Web service URI
   uri             http://localhost/plugins/webservices/xmlrpc.php
   # Default : shinken
   login_name      shinken
   # Default : shinken
   login_password  shinken

} ```