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Export host and service performance data to Graphite carbon - version 2.1.4

shinken install graphite2

Graphite2 module

Shinken module for exporting data to a Graphite server, version 2

This version is a refactoring of the previous graphite module which allows:

  • run as an external broker module
  • do not manage metrics until initial hosts/services status are received (avoid to miss prefixes)
  • remove pickle communication with Carbon (not very safe ...)
  • maintain a cache for the packets not sent because of connection problems
  • improve configuration features:
    • configure cache size
    • configure host check metric name
    • filter metrics warning and critical thresholds
    • filter metrics min and max values
    • filter service/metrics (avoid sending all metrics to Carbon)
    • manage host _GRAPHITE_PRE and service _GRAPHITE_POST to build metric id
    • manage host _GRAPHITE_GROUP as an extra hierarchy level for metrics (easier usage in metrics dashboard)

This new module improves some features but disabled some others:

  • this module is an external broker module. As of it the pickle interface between the module and Carbon is no more implemented


su - shinken

shinken install graphite2


vi /etc/shinken/brokers/broker-master.cfg

=> modules graphite2

vi /etc/shinken/modules/graphite2.cfg

=> host graphite


su - /etc/init.d/shinken restart

Hosts specific configuration

Use _GRAPHITE_PRE in the host configuration to set a prefix to use before the host name. You can set _GRAPHITE_PRE in a global host template for all hosts.

For example, this prefix may be the API key of an hosted Graphite account (

Use _GRAPHITE_GROUP in the host configuration to set a prefix to use after the prefix and before the host name. You can set _GRAPHITE_GROUP in a specific host template to allow easier filtering and organization in the metrics of a dashboard.

For example, declare this custom variable in an hostgroup or an host template.

Services specific configuration

Use _GRAPHITE_POST in the service configuration to set a postfix to use after the service name.