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nginx status check

shinken install nginx


Shinken configuration pack for Nginx status check.

it use the nginx module HttpStubStatusModule
to check a nginx server load.

it provide:

  • number of active Connections
  • number of Connections by state (reading, waiting or writing)
  • number of request/s
  • number of Connections/s
  • number of request/Connections

shipped with a graphite template and the script.

nginx configuration

inside your server {} block, add a location /nginx_status

location /nginx_status {
      stub_status on;
      access_log   off;
      allow;  # fix your ip range ie: or
      deny all;

shinken configuration

add to your host the nginx template

define host{
    use                     ... ,nginx
    # facultative config.



this pack is in fact just the formalisation of the script proposed by sysNove in