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Enable Graphite graphs inside the WebUI - version 2.1.2

shinken install ui-graphite2

UI-Graphite2 module

Shinken module for viewing Graphite graphs in the Web UI, version 2

This version is a refactoring of the previous ui-graphite module which allows:

  • improve configuration features:
    • configure host check metric name
    • define graph and font size for dashboard anf element page graphs
    • allow to define if warning, critical, min and max thresholds are present on graphs
    • allow to define warning, critical, min and max lines colors
    • define graphs timezone (default is Europe/Paris)
    • define graphs line mode (connected, staircase, slope)

This module is fully compatible with the graphite2 broker module and with the WebUI2.


``` su - shinken

shinken install ui-graphite2 ```


``` vi /etc/shinken/modules/webui2.cfg

=> modules ui-graphite2 ```


su - /etc/init.d/shinken restart

Hosts specific configuration

The _GRAPHITE_PRE and _GRAPHITE_GROUP defined in the hosts configuration are used to prefix the requested metrics.

Services specific configuration

The _GRAPHITE_POST defined in the services configuration are used to postfix the requested metrics.