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Web User Interface for Shinken, version 2.5.0

shinken install webui2

Shinken Web User Interface, version 2

Important information

As you may have noticed, the activity on the Shinken framework is very low since several months :/ Because of these, I do not want to invest more effort for releasing new Web UI versions. I had to take this decision because, for my own needs, I decided to migrate to another monitoring framework.

As of today, I realize that I do not have enough time to maintain the Shinken WebUI with an aceceptable quality. Hence, I prefer to abandon the maintenance of this project. I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to you.

I will try to find some time to build a release with the most recent fixes, but I do not know yet when I have time for this :/


Shinken Web User Interface

Current version is 2.5.0, available on

Release notes


Installing/upgrading the Shinken WebUI is an easy process:
- install the module dependencies (requirements.txt).
- install the module (shinken install webui2)
- restart Shinken

View installation/upgrade procedure in this article.


Host Detail


Dependencies are listed in the requirements.txt file.

Report a bug

See the file.


See the file.